Thursday, August 30, 2007

Team KID

We went to the FBC Fall Kick-off on Wednesday for "free hamburgers, inflatables." It was fun, but we didn't end up registering for any activities. No money for that right now. Maybe eventually.


Suzanne said...

how fun!

WendyJanelle said...

Actually, it was very frustrating. I just wasn't going to post details. There is a $16 fee for signing up for TeamKID Wednesday night church.
So we hadn't planned to do that, we were just going to celebrate the fall kick-off and eat free burgers and play on inflatables with friends. But then they announced that kids needed to register and get their hands marked to go play on the toys. I think that was pretty low. We didn't leave and we didn't register, we just let the kids jump anyway.
It seemed like we were being told, "and if you aren't giving us money then you can just leave now." Ugh.
Sorry for the rant.