Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Terrible Twos Tuesday

Two phrases that mommies of 2-year olds hear all day:

"I do it myself!"
...as T pours out the milk that I've just given him
...as he attempts to pour his own (while I'm turned around cleaning up the poured out milk!)
...while he hits the ball with the wrong end of the bat
...as he "goes potty" (yeah, right) and nearly falls in
...trying to put the binky in his little brother's mouth
...kneading the bread dough, covering himself with flour
...clearing his own plate from the table, spilling peas on the way to the sink (hey, at least he tried, right?)
...as he put his night shirt on backwards

"Mommy, watch this!"

...as he jumps off the couch
...hangs upside down in Daddy's arms
...races E around the cars
...spins around until he falls over
...goes underwater in the bubble bath

Oh, my the ENERGY! I know kids are often over- and misdiagnosed for ADD, but I sometimes wonder...
The child must run, never walk. Must always talk loudly, apparently because it's essential to maintain the constant attention of those around him.

I read him some of his favorite books before bed, and he recited them while jumping up and down in front of me. It's a good thing I love this kid so much, but he sure does wear me out!!! That's the kind of energy that I need!


Ann-Marie said...

Looks like he keeps you busy!

I meant to tell you that I laughed at the "don't get pooped on" post you had on my blog. And then when my bunny got an infection on the last day of my vacation, I totally got pooped on! Did you know somethng I didn't?! Ha! Ha!

WendyJanelle said...

He's an animal, just so wild and crazy. It's not me, really, because my other kids aren't like that!! I sure do love the little rascal, though.

Sorry about getting pooped on! I jinxed you, I guess! ha, ha.