Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the clothes horse (it's not me!)

My husband has a rather obsessive personality. If he gets into something, then he's in with both feet, let me tell you. When it comes to football, he knows everything about every team and player.

And he might as well have a Mountain Dew IV going... He's the same way about chocolate. Hmph.

It's also impossible to get the man to throw anything away. I got fed-up with his closet yesterday, and I rearranged the whole thing. You see, on Sunday he got aggravated because he could not find his khaki pants. They were in his closet the whole time, and I came across them when I was putting clothes away. That's what set me off.

The man has forty-two tee shirts and 14 sleevless shirts. I didn't bother counting pants, sweaters, dress shirts, and so forth. You get the idea. He also has two tubs of winter clothes put up, and the whole bottom rack in his closet is also long-sleeved shirts. Raise your hand if you agree with the ridiculousness of that!

How many shirts does a man need? I don't even have that many clothes. I think he's had many of those shirts from before we were married (almost 10 years.)

On the bright side, at least he doesn't drink! Or play golf! There's just something about those little golf carts and hats that I can't bear...


Brook'sBlog said...

haha, that's funny about the golf carts and pants.
I do get that w/ richard though, he loves golf.
He also can't seem to walk the 2 extra steps it takes to the trash, he lays it on the counter. Oh well, must be a man thing. Those are the things that i love about him so much in one moment, and want to tear out the trash can, tell him to come here and watch, and throw it away, then say... that's how you do it! :) LOL~ Glad Im not alone!

October Dawn said...

If he has that many clothes the chances are good he'll never notice if you get rid of the ones he never wears. Then he could love you for helping him find those khaki pants because he simply wouldn't have to look so hard for them.

Suzanne said...

Allen has a problem with Dr. Pepper. I'll suggest the IV, it might be easier than having to keep up with it and making sure there is always some in the pantry. We go through more Dr. Pepper than bread!

Ann-Marie said...

My H rinses his dishes and leaves them neatly stacked in the sink. It's like he doesn't realize it's literally right next to the dishwasher and would take him all of 4 seconds to do that one last step. It's like pulling teeth to get that man to load his dishes in the washer! Argh!

On the other hand, he could care less about his clothes, and so he has no idea that I go through his closet all the time and give the old stuff to Goodwill.

WendyJanelle said...

Oh, my husband would definetly know! The clothes that I'd throw away (or give to Goodwill) are some of his favorites. He has one that says "I see your lips moving but all I hear is blah blah blah." I hate that shirt.

WendyJanelle said...

Suzanne, I've thought about getting one of those can hats (doesn't Homer Simpson have one?) for Fred. Maybe that would be a good gift for your hubby as well.

Ann-Marie, guys never learn to load dishes, as far as I can tell. Fred's only make it to the counter.