Friday, August 10, 2007

EW--that's just GROSS!

My son! Oh, my little rascally 2-year old son. We went to WMart today to pick up some things. Fred had Mr. E and Mr. T in the toy section with him, and I kept the baby and MissI with me.

After I got groceries I met him in the toys. We were all just wandering and browsing an aisle. Seems safe and fine, right? Well, my little son spotted a drink that someone had left behind. It was on a shelf at his eye level, so I didn't see it right away. And--OH, YES--Before I could do anything, he ran over and drank from it!! EW!!! Ugh! Agh! YUCK! WHY would he just pick up a cup and assume he could drink from it?

Then, as I'm getting my checkbook out, my son opened the little box door thing at the end of the conveyor and was about to punch the emergency shut off. Oh, the rascal!

So, while we're on the subject of his antics...

He's recently had a growth spurt and now he can easily reach the light switches. I had a rude awakening this morning with my bright bedroom overhead light on!

He has also started locking doors. We knew he could unlock doors already, but he had never locked one before. He tried this new skill when I went outside this morning to set the trash out. I came back to the door and couldn't get in!! I could see the little culprit grinning on the other side of the window. He finally unlocked it after I threatened to climb through the window and spank him.

Poor Fred-- when he was carrying groceries in this evening, he also kept coming back to a locked door. My goodness! That child is lucky that he's so cute and we love him so much! He's like having hyperactive twins.

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