Friday, August 17, 2007

It's a boob thing

* Today we played "Name that body part." For Trevor, it's "where's your chin? Your ankle?" and so forth. For the older kids it's more like "where's your cranium?" Anyway, I asked about ribs and the big kids put their hands on their ribs. Trevor looked at them, and then grabbed my breast and said "no, it's your nurse-y!"

* I realized today that whenever Ethan draws animals, he usually draws a baby animal nursing. Today he asked if bears were mammals. When I said that, yes, indeed they are, he promptly drew nipples on his bear. Ha! Thought that was pretty funny-- another picture to send to the grandparents!

* The last time I nursed the baby in public I covered with a light receiving blanket. Ethan asked me why I was "hiding the baby." Ha ha!

I guess I just didn't realize that breastfeeding is such a commonplace thing for my kiddos. If I walked outside with no shirt on, my kids probably wouldn't think a thing about it being inappropriate, because they know what breasts are really for. Of course, the neighbors might not feel the same way!


October Dawn said...

That's hilarious! Ilove your kids! Thanks for sharing =)

Suzanne said...

Too bad our husbands don't get more used to them. At least mine is like a school boy seeing them for the 1st time everytime.

WendyJanelle said...

My hubby is the same way!!