Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School, Pool, Duel

Today was a good day all the way around. Last week was such an off week, so I'm really not taking this "on" week for granted!

We are just really getting into our Sonlight books, LifePac History and Geography, and Saxon math. Lots to keep track of. I also have the kids each keep a math notebook and a spelling words notebook. We did a lot of work outside again today, at the picnic table in the backyard, in the shade. It works well, because Oliver loves to be outside, and Trevor will dig in the dirt for a long time while we work. Everyone stays happy.

We went to the CHESS swim day this afternoon, which was so nice. I didn't realize how much I had missed the pool until I was back in the water watching the kids splash around. Fred got off before 3pm today, so he came with us.

When we pulled in, there was a loooong line for school pick-up, which is at the same entrance. I was so thankful to bypass that ridiculous line and pull into a pool with my kids instead. School pick-up and drop-off are definitely 2 of my 100 reasons to homeschool.

After the pool, we rushed home, changed clothes fast, and I took Ethan and Trevor downtown to the barber shop. Ethan's hair was easy. He looks good with almost any kind of haircut, and he is very cooperative. Trevor, on the other hand, was a nightmare for the poor guy. After the third attempt to get the kid to sit in the barber chair and keep his cape on, I finally gave up and sat there with him in my lap. I've always done that before, but I guess I just thought he might sit by himself this time. I was wrong. Stranger with scissors was just too much for him.

Anyway, he scowled at the guy through the whole haircut. Trev kept moving his head, looking around the room, trying to brush hair off of his face and neck. His hair wasn't cooperating either. It kept pooching up in the back. Finally the guy, after 20 minutes of working on it, asked if he could just cut that poochy part off!! I readily agreed. "Just do whatever you want," I said. I mean, really, I figured it couldn't get much worse.

The hair cut turned out really nice, after nearly 30 minutes of work. I tipped the guy $3. I probably would have given him even more if I'd had it.

You just saw before pictures of Ethan, at his party, so here is his after picture.

And here are Trevor's before and after shots, obviously all bath pictures:



Sorry, Julie, for copying your post!!-- we must be on the same haircut schedule!


Suzanne said...

so, SO cute. I should have joined you at the pool.

October Dawn said...

Those pics are hilarious! I'm glad the hair cut eventually worked out.

WendyJanelle said...

Suzanne, I really wish you had come to the pool. I'm so sorry about your nightmare experience!!! At least your poem about it was very good!!-- you should put it in their baby books so they will remember what you go went through!

Brook'sBlog said...

super cute