Monday, November 12, 2007

Can I get away with yet another?

Okay people, let me get away with this once again. I read all of my friends blogs-- people who obviously can think coherently. I, on the other hand, seem to have a jumble of thoughts racing around like crazy, and I'm not particularly good at focusing for long on one subject. Makes homeschooling interesting, let me tell you! We do math (and art at the same time, if we're drawing 5 dinosaurs joining up with 3 pterodactyls to make 8 creatures altogether...) There's just too much to say and do and too little time!!

Anyhow, let me start off by saying that I came across a nifty blog critic thing-a-ma-jig on Ann-Marie's site. You just put in your blog address and it tells you what reading level your blog is. Mine is college level apparently. Interesting. Hmm... I guess that's a good thing? Maybe? Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that, so I'm just throwing it out there. I hope you all can understand what I'm writing. Hee, hee.

In other news, tomorrow is the BIG DAY! 10 YEARS! I'm wearing that like a badge of honor. In this day and age, I think it's something to be proud of. Especially because we got married SO young, and I did some college and four kids through it. We've both grown so much-- actually we kinda grew up together (although I think I had a few more growth spurts in there, har har.) So I'm praying for an EASY cooperative school day with the kids, and a relaxing afternoon and evening. I'm gonna surprise hubby with a hair cut. He's the only guy I know who begs his wife to CUT her hair. Yes, he's strange like that. When we met my hair was short, red, and curly, so that's how he loves it. I'm not going to be I Love Lucy anymore, though. He can cope with my natural color. Anyway, we're going out on Thursday night, and I'm looking forward to it.

In photography news, I'm making some big plans (in my head, so far.) I want to make my own backdrops using velvet material and dowel rods. And, the really fun part, I want to buy neat-o costumes and have people dress the part for pictures! You know, like Silver Dollar City does. I can have salon girls, jailers, farmers, what have you. The whole idea of role playing just appeals to me. I never got over the whole princess dress-up fun of my teenager years... er, umm... I mean, elementary school... Sooo, anyway, if you come across some awesome costumes (say, at yard sales or thrift stores) that don't cost an absolute fortune, please let me know! I may end up making some, too. Any other creative ideas, please share them! I want to make a scrapbook/ portfolio, too... In my "free time," you know. ;-)


Ann-Marie said...

Ten years IS a big deal! Congratulations! I hope you had a blessed anniversary and a fun hair cut. Post a new pic of your hair, if you have one. just your hair!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Congrats! HUGE congrats! That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Can't wait to see the cut! You mean your hair isn't naturally that red? I never would have known! (but I kinda wondered why none of your kids have red hair, LOL)

Rhinehart Land said...

Hey wendy, if you need some help making the back drops let me know, I used to make the ones for Sears Portrait Studio. They are really fun to make, but tedious (sp).
GOOD LUCK GIRL. We'll keep our eyes open for costumes as well.

Rhinehart Land said...

P.S. i want the blog thing to tell me what grade my blog is :)

WendyJanelle said...

Brook, just click on the rating on the right side. It will bring you to a page to rate your blog.

Jerri, nope, not naturally red at all. I was very blonde as a child and then got browner as I got older.

Ann-Marie, will post a pic later... when I look good. ;-) I'm too tired tonight, and I'm sure I have mascara under my eyes at this point.