Monday, November 19, 2007

weekend wrap-up

It's been a fun and busy weekend. I know I've been posting a lot more than usual lately. I hope you all can keep up! :-)

On Saturday I had some friends over in the evening, to relax around the firepit. Fred took the kids to my parents house to watch a movie on the big screen.

Don't worry, I'll only post pics of ladies who said it was okay. :-)
Lindsay, Angela, Tob

Sherrill and Lori

When they got home, Isabelle and Ethan peeked out of her bedroom window for a few minutes, before running outside to say goodnight. Fred put all four kids to bed, too. What a sweetie!

October and I used the self-timer to take this picture. We were the only ones left out there at 11pm. (Ann-Marie, you have GOT to make a trip down here!)

On Sunday morning Isabelle sang with the First Praise Choir in the morning worship service. I really like the songs they did, and the sign language that went with it. Izzy is the one int he back row, all in red, with braided hair.

After she sang, we rushed home to change clothes and load up the van. We went to the Tulsa Zoo for the day. We had planned to go out to eat with Mom, Dad, Julie, and Amy after they finished the marathon, but they were too tired and headed home instead. Can't say I blame them! Dad finished the marathon in five hours. Mom did not train AT ALL and finished in less than 6 hours. Just crazy! Julie ran her race at a 9 minute-pace. Impressive!! And she just had a baby a few months ago! So congratulations to all of my family... and, no, the running gene did not pass to me...
Here are some zoo pics:

We did this one in the rain forest, with the self-timer.

So it was a fun, but very busy, weekend. Today I am not going ANYWHERE. I had planned to do MUMs (Moms Uplifting Moms), but Fred is going to go to Man Night at church. Just as well, because I really need to catch up on the housework when I finish school today. We're having more company over tomorrow night... Fred's sister Kayla and her fiance Eric. Then the Thanksgiving meals begin... so you know more pictures will be coming soon. :-)
Oh, and one more thing! Speaking of pictures, I will be in Decatur all day on December 1st, doing packages. I have a great location to use, thanks to Tob. So let me know if you want to book an appointment over there. I know that would be more convenient for a few people.


Ann-Marie said...

I know! I know! If only Arkansas was closer...or, as I used to joke with Tob, is it Alabama? It sounds like y'all had a great time. And I'm super jealous of you BOTH.

But glad you got to see our soon to be globe-trotting friend!

Anonymous said...

Okay...if you can't get down then some day I'm going to get Wendy up there! But honestly... you should see Walmart's hometown at least once in your life right? (Bentonville)

Ann-Marie said...

Right! Oh, and if you guys come up here, I could show you the home of the original sock monkey!

WendyJanelle said...

I'd love to come visit... but I'd be hauling along four kids and a hubby (who is scared to death of flying.)

Ann-Marie said...

At least fear of flying is little more manly. My hubby's afraid of bugs, spiders especially!

WendyJanelle said...

Really? I'd be in trouble. I'm scared of spiders, and I always call hubby to come kill them. I once even brought a neighbor over (October's husband) because I was too scared to do it myself.