Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lowe's workshop

Lotsa pictures lately, I know! We've been going, going, going for the last four days. On Thursday we did Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Yummy food, both of my sisters and their families were there. We played Scattergories after dessert, while the little kids napped. I lost.

On Friday we did Thanksgiving with Fred's family. More yummy food, more family, and an incredible football game. Anyone who knows me knows that I know nothing at all about football. My in-laws, however, live for the game. They were hooting, shouting, jumping up and down. I seriously thought someone might have a heart attack. I've been told that Arkansas won against LSU and that is a good thing.

On Saturday I took the big kids to the Lowe's build-and-grow workshop. I love it! They provide free aprons, goggles, kits to the kids and then instruct them on how to complete the project. Since neither Fred nor I are "handymen" types, this is a great opportunity for our kids.

Today we took a true day of rest. We even stayed home from church. Oliver kept us up half the night last night. Poor baby is still congested and couldn't snooze. So today Fred and I took turns sleeping, and we just stayed in the cozy house all day.

Tomorrow, school starts again...


silly me said...

i'm with ya. school started back for us yesterday too. a little adjustment after the big break! very cool with the lowe's workshop!

and great photos, as always!

Ann-Marie said...

Lowe's is great! Lowe's is good! Lowe's helps us pay for our food! Yea, Lowe's! Since my husband works there, I'm all for the Lowe's publicity. Thanks, Wendy!

I'm glad your kids had a good time. And glad to hear the photog business is going well!

Simply Stork said...

we used to have these workshops in our area...they had too many kids and needed to shut it down :o(

we had fun while it lasted...I think ours was through home depot.

looks like lots of fun.