Monday, November 12, 2007

Some portraits

Okay, well, I got the camera on the... umm... 5th? Maybe? I can't remember now. Today is the 12th, right? So I've done 5 people packages and 1 pet one in 7 days. It's been fun. Here's a sampling of my people poses (I have permission to post these, btw. If I take your picture, I promise to get permission before I use any!!) Here is my sampling. They're all on my other site, too, in various places.
The Woods portraits samples

The Burdens' portraits samples

The Burnett's (or is it Burgess, shoot, now I can't remember)

The Fosters

The group kid pics for a grandparent gift


Ann-Marie said...

These are really good Wendy. If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the young couple's holiday card. The way you did it says a lot about their personalities.

P.S. - I will keep my eyes open for any costumes. Soemtimes, if I hit the right garage sale, I can find affordable costumes!

Rhinehart Land said...

I like those poses too. I love the kids all laying in a circle, and the tractor one :) IT's perfect for the family.

I hope that soon we can get ours done, I hate MONEY. LOL Wish I had more of it around the holidays.
You're so talented and God's blessed you in such a special way! :) All your hard work, dedication, and putting God first has really been an inspiration to me!

Mandy said...

GORGEOUS!!I also really love the card... great coloring!

I read that you said you and your hubby got married really young... we did too. I was wondering how old you were then?