Sunday, October 19, 2008

Be sure to VOTE

Why vote?? Well, there are hundreds of excellent reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. This year especially, every vote counts. We have a responsibility.
  2. The next Congress will determine SO many things that affect your future.
  3. The next president will determine the philosophical bent of the Supreme Court. The next president may select four or more justices. With a gridlocked Congress, the Court often makes new laws. The most visible concern expressed during the campaign has been over how the Court will rule on abortion. This alone should be enough of a reason to vote. If you are pro-life, this single issue should seal the deal.
  4. The next president will select our health care leaders. The people who serve as secretary of health and human services, surgeon general, NIH director, and FDA commissioner will be appointed by the president. These are the people who provide national leadership on health care issues. If you care about the future of health care policies, you ought to care who's providing the leadership, or lack thereof. Raise your hand if you actually want a socialist government...
  5. The next Congress may address campaign finance reform. Who is spending all the money? Go look at some figures.
  6. If you vote, you have the right to complain later. If you didn't vote, you lose some --if not all -- of your right to complain.
  7. Finally, you CAN vote. Voting is an incredible right that we have. Believe it or not, people in other countries actually fight and even die for this right; a right that so many of us take for granted. You should vote because you can, if you don't you may one day wake up in a country where you can't.
... and take your kids with you! Let's set a great example for the next generation! :-)

To register to vote, select your state from the widget on the bottom left.

So, who are you voting for and/or what issues are you passionate about? I don't mind differing views, as long as they remain respectful and polite. If you can't say something nicely, then don't say anything at all! :-)


Stacy Vaughn said...

Way to go, Wendy! Well said. So important to remember we can make a difference.

I bought the cutest t-shirt with the same Palin pic on it this week. But it says "She can do it!" I have a feeling you would love it.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm voting M/P, and any other election...the abortion issue decided it for me. There are just some things I can't condone.

I take rest and full assurance that God will place leaders in the government according to His perfect will. I know I'm to follow His leading and His Word with my vote.

Other than that...I'm afraid I don't share your passion for politics. Although, one morning we came out our front door, and ALL our neighbors had M/P signs in their front yards, so I guess we fit right in!

Anonymous said...

It's surprising, Ann-Marie, that you aren't more into politics considering you're very much into women's rights. You'd have been right there with Jane and Michael's mom on Mary Poppins... "sister suffrage yet!"
I'm glad you're voting = )
I'll be voting too...and do us a all a favor and vote for congress people approved by ALIPAC who will help stop illegal immigration = )

Shan said...

Well you can count me in as well. I wouldn't miss it! I find myself reading blogs who totally disagree with me about most everything, so I feel safe and warm here in basking in the glow of this me friendly post.
What is this world coming to anyway? :~{