Saturday, October 18, 2008


I love having friends over. And I love being outside. So the yearly firepit nights are a real treat!
Amy, as Jennifer Connelly from Labyrinth
I got just a few pictures this year. Phooey on me, I know. I neglected to get pictures of Stacy, Cindy, Kayla, Shan, and Trish entirely. And the ones of me and Adelia are on her camera. Go figure. (Don't you dare post those, girl, until I look at them!! ;-) Who knows what I had stuck in my teeth...) And, just so you know, I was a 60s mama and Adelia was a butterfly. Her wings were great!
Miss Judie came, as a "frazzled homeschool mom." Very creative indeed!
October and Gabby came, dressed as a teacher and student.
I suggested that she come as a month. ;-)
But she said that she was dressed as her identical twin sister.
What an easy costume.
Tracy and Sherrill were the pumpkin-shirt-twins.
This mask of hers could blind you when it was turned on...


Arato Girl said...

Hanging out by a fire with hot chocolate and asking deep questions is so fun. I think my shoes are melting in that picture.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm so jealous I missed it! I have a pair of bunny ears, so I would have come as a non-Playboy bunny. Tob looks just like a teacher, I think! I want photos of your 60's mom - and I think I have a cookbook prop you could borrow!

Shan said...

You definitely need to get pics of you and Smiley together-very cute. I am somewhat relieved you never managed to capture me in my imbecile costume. I wasn't having one of my brightest days when it came to game time and I feel it might have shown on my mug. :) Thanks for having us over!