Friday, October 24, 2008

old drawings, new inspiration

My little Artist has inspired me to pick up my drawing pencils again. We've been rearranging & repainting the schoolroom, and she came across my JBU portfolio. Gosh, I loved those classes. As she pulled out picture after picture, she began to beg me to draw with her. Now, I do draw often with her, but she wanted me to really draw with her this time. Not just little designs and ideas, but real "on the easel" sketches. Then Nature Boy wouldn't even let me throw out my old (and not so good) acrylic paintings. Ah, kids are so sweet!
The kids are right. I've neglected one of my most favorite things. Crafting is SO fun for me, because it can be done in a few minutes, hours, or days. But sketches...ahhh....they can take weeks or months, depending on work and the mood. I never feel like I have time anymore. But I'm going to try to work it in after devotionals in the morning. :-) Wish me luck.
I have a plan to incorporate sketches with photography. I've formulated some ideas with the kids, and we'll post some pictures when we accomplish something!

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Simply Stork said...

oh they look so wonderful...I remember, one year I didn't have much money to give a gift to my husband so I bought a sketch pad and drew photo's of each of the kids...he loved them :o)

blessings on your renewing time of drawing :o) what a gift it is!