Monday, October 20, 2008

Nature Fairies

The other day we made "nature fairies." What's really neat about this is that Mrs. Smiley made some with her boys on the same day!! I didn't know anyone else would even think about such a thing! Just proves we are kindred spirits. :-)
I didn't get quite as elaborate, though, as I could not find my googly eyes. And the baby was around, so I didn't use the hot glue gun. These little creatures were fun, however.
Isabelle's Young Author book this year is about fairies, so we've been checking out books on how to draw them. This leads to lots of other winged crafts.


Sandy Toes said...

Those are so kids would love them!
-Sandy toes

What a fun blog!

Anonymous said...

When will her fairy book be finished?

Loveandadoor said...

My girlies made some creations today too. I was just checkin' out my blogs before I posted our pictures. What fun!

Arato Girl said...

Oh, I love them! Of course, you know I would. I'm very pleased to encourage Izz-bit's interest in nature and fairies. She's at a stage in life where we can even get away with wearing wings around if she wants to. If I did that (and I'd like to) people would call me crazy.

Simply Stork said...

I love cute :o)


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

These are so great! Kindred spirits indeed. I love them!


Julie said...

I love it what a neat idea.