Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featured Artist

This artist just amazes me. Especially because it's my very own sister.
People say we look alike...isn't she gorgeous? *Ü*
Look at the amazing job Julie did of my daughter!!


JoyceMarie said...

absolutely beautiful! I happened by your blog as I searched for other homeschoolers. Your family is beautiful too. I am a proud homeschooling mom too and thought I'd stop in and say hello.


Shan said...

She is INCREDIBLY talented AND gorgeous to boot-winks! Does she do many shows? Our friend Freedom is looking for some artists to fill in for some cancellations at his 'Love out Loud' show this weekend at the Pontiac Coffee House. He would love to use a couple of her paintings if she has some for sale. He takes a small percentage for his African Ministry so she could price it as such. I think it would just be the one weekend. I know it's last minute but I thought it worth a mention. She probably has a waiting list for commissioned work with her talent-yowza. :)

Julie said...

Shan, although I don't actually have any artwork for sale at the moment, I should have one or two pieces soon (plus I'm going out of town this weekend). Maybe they can keep me in mind for another show in the future, because I'd love to have some of my art in one, and I'm glad it would help a good cause, too. I'm really interested, and Wendy can give you my e-mail address and phone number if you want them.