Monday, November 3, 2008

My take on annexing

I've had a couple of people ask me what I think about the city vote on annexation.

Some friends of mine have already addressed this, and I share their sentiments:

My general philosophy of government is that
"less is always better than
I'm not convinced the city has demonstrated good stewardship with current resources, so see no need for providing more for them tosquander. Whether you live inside the city or outside (like me), I'm convinced that from an economic viewpoint alone, this is a bad idea. I say VOTE NO! on annexation!


From what I understand, Gentry annexes only by request, not by vote
unless it's a large neighborhood with differing opinions. A homeowner
or neighborhood can request to become part of Gentry. I've heard of
this happening around Rogers & Bentonville too.

As far as fire protection, we pay a yearly due so we have fire
protection ...

Still, the higher property taxes wouldn't be worth living in the city
limits to me. There wouldn't be enough difference in that & lower
insurance. Also, having a little land, the higher restrictions on what
we could do with it would really be hard. The additional paper-work
when we make changes to our house are another reason for me to stay
out of town
I agree, and I already voted no. Besides, I do NOT want higher utility bills. And I have yet to meet a single person outside of city limits who wants to be annexed in. It's not right for us to vote on this, when it primarily affects them.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, voting isn't the answer to everything.