Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A plethora of precious goodies

Sorry for the lapse, guys. Too much going on.

Oh, and I'm having issues posting pictures. My beloved program is giving me fits, and I've resorted to Shutterfly. Phooey.

I have many things I want to write about. Many things to say. So much going on.

Last night was the homeschool home tour! What a blessing. There were five of us who opened our homes. That was a very scary thing for me, to just put my life "out there" and talk about my schedule, methods, curriculum. It was great to see how others manage their homeschool life! I got some much-needed-encouragement (as well as decorating/ schoolroom inspiration.)

I'll save the pictures of my schoolroom for later in the week. Frankly I only have time to mess with a few pictures at the moment.

Right now I've gotta blog about an amazing blessing that we received today. A friend of mine, who I haven't been able to keep in contact with well over the years, came by this afternoon to drop off "a few things" from their old homeschool days. She blessed us with TUBS of resources: wonderful books for me and the kids, curriculum, workbooks, wipe-offs, games, a scale, brainteasers.... busybooks, organization books...you name it and it was there!!! Some of my favorite finds so far: The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas by Linda Dobson, Home Sweet Home-School, Spelling Power, Easy Grammar 2 & 3, handwriting with George (Washington, that is.) Dash was thrilled to find a new Go Fish game included. The Nature Man discovered books on mud, geology, astronomy. The Artist is already hard at work on some Draw Write Now books. Oh, and the middle boys also did some great little puzzles with words.

Tomorrow we'll use this scale. I had one like this years ago, when we did K12 with The Artist, but I had to return it. I'm so glad to have one again!!

Seriously, I cried.

You know who you are... Thank you for blessing my family in this way!!!

Thank you, thank you!!


Elizabeth said...

Now I am crying too.

Tally said...

Hi Wendy!
Thx for the link to your friend Rachel's blog about the Jeremy Camp concert. It put things in perspective for me, for sure! I could have not only been there alone, but also have won that package...for two! And had to hang out with him BY MYSELF!!! So, all in all, I'm happy for her and me. :)

Ann-Marie said...

Wow, what blessings! That is so cool. Oh, and I'm still in love with your rug. So, so in love.