Thursday, November 27, 2008

thank You, God, for the family I've got

Oh, what a nice day!!

We made Indian and turkey hats, read books, played games, and did some lessons before heading to my parents' house for the big meal. What a feast! My mom made a huge amount of food as usual, including five pies and two cakes for dessert. My youngest sister tackled the turkeys this go around!! I'm impressed. They turned out perfect, moist, delicious. I love turkey. Apparently something happened with the ham. My mom claims that it "disintegrated." I didn't ask for details.

When we got home this evening, The kids and I conquered Daddy at a game of Sequence, and then Isabelle beat us all at Apples to Apples.

What a nice relaxing day!! I love my family.

I am thankful for:

My Lord who sustains me through all trails, leads me on His paths, renews me and gives me joy.

My husband, who loves me, and enjoys spending time with me and the kids.

My children, unique, loving, intelligent, kind... and perfectly placed in our family. I'm extremely grateful that I live in a country where I can home educate them.

My parents, sisters, grandparents and all of my childhood memories. I took so many things for granted growing up. I was raised in family that spent A LOT of time together taking walks, camping, hiking, going to the beach, playing games. We've always just enjoyed being together, talking, or reading for hours in silence. I just assumed that most families were like this. Until I married into a family that is not like this in the least. Every gathering is a trial by fire.

Amazing friends, near and far, who pray for me, encourage me, laugh with (and at) me, and give me honest, godly advice when I need it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Love you!


Ms Debbie said...

Isn't it funny how we grow up thinking everyone lives the same way we do. I had a great childhood too! Sleepovers in my backyard in the camper, summers on the beach, HUGE Christmas parties, .... wow. Thanks for reminding me of another thing to be thankful for.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

As one who didn't have a great (or even good) childhood or family, I thank all of those who did for sharing the stories. It inspires me and gives me new and fresh ideas to use for creating the family for my children that I never had. I love watching families spend time together...honestly, you don't realize how lucky you are. Play games together? Really? Okay...we'll give that a try. Never thought of it. Why not? No one ever played games in my house....not together anyway. Etc., etc.

I'm thankful for friends who share ideas on creating great family memories!!! :0)

Julie said...

What a great day!! It is so neat to hear how famlies spend their time. I changed tradition this year the kids and I and my sister went for a hike on Thanksgiving in the woods the kids and I enjoyed it. Usually everyone just sits and watches the Western Channel my side of the family is not Football fans much. I am so glad you all enjoyed your day.