Sunday, November 2, 2008

workety work and Monster Gloves

This has been an unusual weekend. Fred started a second job, working 10-12 hours (plus the hour round trip drive) on Saturday and Sunday.

And I've realized that I'm spoiled.


My dear husband always lets me sleep in on weekends. And he always helps me bathe the kids. And reads to them and helps me put them to bed. He gets the drinks ready for dinner. And has the kids clear their plates.

Now I'm on my own for the weekends. It's brutal. (Actually, it's not that bad, I just miss my man!!)

The kids miss Daddy terribly, but he explained to them that one of us needs to bring in some extra income right now, and he wants it to be him. Gotta admire that. He doesn't mind me working, if I want to, but he doesn't want it to be out of necessity.

So, anyway, the kids and I have been doing some extra post-Halloween crafts. Monster gloves:


Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Fred's such a great guy.

I love the gloves!

Arato Girl said...

Those gloves are great. Even though you already appreciated him lots, it's great to really realize how helpful your husband is and how much you and the kids miss him... even though now you realize how helpful your husband is and how much you and the kids miss him.

I hope his weekend job is going well for him and that I won't have to be a permanent sitch.

Arato Girl said...

That's confusing. I meant "it" won't have to be a permanent sitch. As in "situation." I'm always writing "I" when I mean "if" or "it." I must be incredibly self-centered deep down.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Arato Girl, you make me laugh!!

And Mrs Savage, T just asked if he could make some monster gloves...hmm...we'll wait a while. ;) ;)

Mimi said...

the monster gloves are awesome. I am sure the children had fun doing those.

Shan said...

Those are CA YOUT! You make me want to be more artastic. I think I went a step too far with "artastic" so let's just pretend I said it the right way.

Sorry about the weekend job sitch ;). I too appreciate having a husband who's willing to crank out a little extra income himself when I panic and think I need to get a part timer. But, let's face it. He can bring home more bacon than I can on any given day so I let him-bless his heart.