Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall artwork

Seeing as how I spent the night on the bathroom floor last night, I'm just happy to be sitting up again. I've been so sick. Nature Man also got the stomach virus. Then we both ran fevers today. :-(

I counted down the hours until Fred would be off work to help me. The only problem is that Fred had also become very ill today. After work he stopped at a gas station and suddenly couldn't stand. He sat by the car for a few minutes, with his head between his legs, trying not to vomit. Poor guy. He made it home, my parents ordered pizza for the kids, and my precious Artist took care of us all evening.

I couldn't have made it through this day without her. The little 4th grader changed diapers, cooked eggs for lunch, straightened the house, read stories. Really, it all amazes me. I'm so proud of her.

Earlier this week, before I was knocked out with sickness, we did a lot of fall art projects in the afternoons.

Line Leaf drawings
Dash worked so hard on his, and it turned out just beautiful!

The artist's leaf

We also read about the artist Wayne Thiebald and copied some of his work.

Then there were leaf butterflies, that we hung on all the front windows.

And painting time...

...that quickly turned into finger painting time for Little Lad. We used the finished artwork (read: messy clumpy brown paintings!) to cut out leaf patterns and string them up.

The Artist painted a volcano, rather than participating in our messy table time. Seeing as how we just studied volcanos and worked on a lapbook, I think we'll fold this painting and add it to a pocket on the back page. Now that we lapbook, I feel like I can save so much more artwork, and they learn when the revisit it.


sara's art house said...

So sorry you have been sick :(

Love the art work! We will have to try the leaf line drawing!

Brook's Babbles In Arizona said...

Awe WEndy!!! I was hoping you all would stay healthy after little lad got ill. I guess that's the bad news, stomache bugs usually cycle through everyone. I guess it's good in a way, you were ill to better in 5 days. There are 5 of you so 1 each day. Sounds like you had it worse! My word, sleeping on the b-room floor. So sorry!!! hope you all get better soon and stay better. Maybe since you got it now, you'll have it out of the way for the rest of the year. Was it swine flu??
Hugs my friend!

Shan said...

OH that is the worst way to feel! The kind of sick that stops you in your tracks is hideous. So sorry!

Wonderful that the Artist could be so helpful. Gorgeous leaves! :)

Catherine Anne said...

Love it here. A dear friend of mine, Suzanne told me about your blog!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Sara, I bet you could turn the line leaf into a masterpiece!

Brook, heehee... there are 6 of us, and it took 6 days to get over. Not too shabby, eh? I need a taste of sickness now and again to make me more empathetic. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how horrible others feel when they get something like that.

Shan, thanks. I think we're recovered. And I'm praying health over all of my friends and family!!

Catherine Ann, thanks! Suzanne Joyful Chaos or Suzanne LLL? They are both awesome ladies!!