Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayer Request for Mimi

My Mimi will be having surgery today. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you.

Update from my aunt:

Dad met with the surgeon who said that the surgery was a great success and she still has 95% of the bowel intact. Another piece of good news is that the tumor is localized. Mom will be in the hospital at least 4-5 more days but should have the NG tube out in 2-3 days. Dr. McFarland said that this has made her very sick and that once she recovers from the surgery she should feel much better.
Dad also met with the oncologist, Dr. Ward. They are going to discontinue the chemotherapy, as she is not strong enough to combat the effects, and it cannot kill the tumor or reduce it much and it is not helping. Dr. Ward said that when she is released from the hospital, they will put us in contact with hospice.
Dad said to remind everyone that the last 2 months have been horrible for her, and she should feel much better for awhile and have some good times ahead, and that God is gracious to give us more time with her.

I will pass on to Dad and Mom all the messages of love and prayer that you all have been sending.

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