Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gettin' Down with it

It's been quite a weekend! Go, Go, Go!
On Friday night we had a Family Game Night at Amy's house.
I love this sign on her front door.
They surprised us with a new game: Beatles Rockband.
I don't sing (really,) but I'm not half-bad at the guitar! Vu is hilarious on vocals!
And my man Fred is awesome. Really, the man has an incredible voice...
it's one of the things I first fell in love with.

Amy loves her kitties (when she gets old we'll call her the Cat Lady.)
Look at Thumbkin's freaky thumbs!

One of the best things about Game Night is all of the scrumptious food!!! Amy made delicious spaghetti (lots of yummy wine in the sauce. Mmmm....) We also had mashed potatoes and Texas toast, french bread, chips, strawberry shortcakes, carmel apples, and two kinds of wine. Can't beat all that!
What a great night!
Adam crashed first...

Rise and Shine for Saturday:

Back to back company picnics.

First was Fred's, which I didn't get any pictures of! My arms were loaded with popcorn, balloons, candy bags and I was attempting to help the kids with their games. I didn't even get a picture of my boys with painted moustaches!

Then we went straight to my Dad's company picnic. And, wait, you can still see a bit of Little Lad's moustache in this picture.

Julie and Scarlett, my Dad and Little Lad, Amy and her baby Ransom
(Mom still isn't feeling well at all, and couldn't make it to the picnic. We missed you, Mom)

And.... drum roll, please....

I did the climbing wall! For the first time ever! And it was terrifying. Really, I'm scared of heights. I may have screamed on my way down (not really sure... I may have passed out for a second, too!) See how it goes all the way to the clouds??
Yep, it was hard, but I did it.
Pay no attention to the little kids standing in line behind me. ;-)
While standing in line for this, Dad took two of the boys to ride ponies.
I saw it, but didn't get any pictures.
Wish I could show you how CUTE they looked on their horses.

Added bonus:
Both picnics had the huge jumping inflatable things!
Here Julie goes down with Scar.

I am so absolutely blessed to have family all around me. And, even more of a blessing, we are all the best of friends. I hope and pray that my own children will stay close for the rest of their lives.


Arato Girl said...

I can see my hair transformation in this post! Ahh, the lovely long locks all gone. You know, I don't miss them, though. Yet.

Game night is such a blast. I'm glad I got the chance to cook for everyone this time, too. I love doing that.

I'm very proud of you for climbing that wall, little kids not withstanding, and I always love seeing you all. We have such a great family and every single kiddo is so cute and wonderful in a unique way.

sara's art house said...

Wow- lots of fun!!!!

christine said...

SO fun!!! And you look like you're totally rocking on the guitar!! Way to go!!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I love love our game nights!

You are awesome climbing the climbing wall!