Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a pleasant angle we're having!

Every day is packed with activities, books, places, etc and I only have time to share a glimpse or two from our day. In case you couldn't tell, Art and Science usually win out, because we do so many projects for those subjects!

For science, we are now on our Weather Unit. Each unit is fairly short. There are daily lessons and reading, plus activities and even suggested book report ideas. All of the kids do the basic lesson and activity, and then the Artist digs deeper.

For this lesson on the sun, you only need a flashlight, pencil and a piece of paper.

I explained to the kids that it is the angle at which the sun's rays hit the earth that affects the amount of heat felt there.
To demonstrate this, lay a large piece of paper on the floor in a dark room. Point the flashlight straight down at the paper. Trace the area of light. The circle of light is very round and quite bright.
Now hold the flashlight horizontally about two inches from the floor, so that the light again shines on the paper. Trace around the area of light. Notice that the light covers a larger area but is not as bright and it is more like an oval than a circle. Likewise, when the sun's rays strike the earth at an angle, they provide less heat.
It is the angle of the sun's rays, not how close the sun is, that determines whether it is hot or cold. The angle is what causes seasonal changes.
Even though the the earth is miles closer to the sun when it is winter (for us,) the angle of the sun's rays is slanted.
My parents bought Nature Man a glow planet set a few months ago, so we were also able to demonstrate with those.

Side note: My back-up drive crashed. ALL of my pictures were there. Years and Years of pictures. I need to find someone to help me retrieve data, so please let me know if you have a suggestion or other advice. I only have a few disks of back-ups. Actually, I'm fairly good about getting pictures developed, too, but I don't have any from the past 2-3 months... and, let's face it, many of the out-takes that stay on the computer are the best ones!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE and be glad in it.

The back-up drive thing stressed me. I do love our family's pictures.

But I've given myself some advice:
Don't worry.
Be Happy.
Take delight in every day.
And when I get stressed, I intend to read this great article again, by Heavenly Homemakers. When I get stressed, I don't want to let the sweet little childish things that the kids do drive me crazy. I want to enjoy them. Cherish them. Teach them. Bless them and be blessed by them.

I'm workin' on it!


Giggly Girls said...

Oh what a bummer about the back up drive. That would be a nightmare. If my hubby were there he'd probably have some great advice but he's deployed. If he calls I'll ask. My first guess would be to talk to the geek squad at best buy.

I used to burn cd's and load all my pics on snapfish. Now that I have a external drive I don't burn cd's anymore. But I haven't loaded anything on snapfish in the last few months. I'm going to do that now.

Anonymous said...

Assuming this is an external drive, It may not be the drive(s) but associated internal circuits.

There are several replacement enclosure available; see below.

Be sure the drive types and configurations are compatible, such as internal switching

Try to match your particular type drive by doing a search for those compatible types.

If you have friends with the same type you might be able to switch out the drive(s) and copy your data to another storage device,




Good Luck

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Mine was an Iomega external drive, less than a year old.I had added pictures to it in the morning, and that evening it just flat-lined. Won't even show up. We tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything, to no avail. I also took it to my programmer-Dad, who tested it out and then simply said, "this doesn't look good." :-(

Anonymous said...

There are several Iomega drives and not knowing what drive and type cmptr you have:

Assuming it is a USB drive. I use a USB HUB with a MAC to get enough power to drive external USB devices; otherwise they don’t show up.

If the drive is not very expensive and ignoring the warranty you might buy and another identical drive and swap the hard dive inside so as to regain your data.

Good luck

PS Your family is in my prayers. I have walked that path you are facing.