Monday, September 7, 2009

Have Fun with Art! - a new card game for kids

I've always loved school, books, learning.
Math and English came the easiest for me,
but the hands-on fun of science and art is just fabulous!
I can't even say the word, "art" without smiling. :-)

A friend of mine purchased a cute little art game from a local artist. There are cards for eyes, noses, mouths. Children take turns picking a card from each category, and then everyone draws those features.
We decided to make our own.

Eyes (for some reason my pictures will not turn. Phooey. Turn your head.)

Some of our Nose collection
We also did Face Shape.
(and then added Hair, Ears, and Accessories cards after these pictures were taken.)
The key is to make it simple enough for the kids to easily copy.
My players are 10-, 8-, and 4-years old, so I kept that in mind.

Go around in the circle, with each child picking a card. First child randomly selects a face shape card from the baggie, and everyone draws the face shape on their paper. Next child chooses an eye card, and everyone draws the eyes on .... and so forth.
These are the cards we ended up with on our first round.
Ah, what sad pictures to start off with.
Maybe we'll get a happier face next time...

well, kinda...

Then we did some half-pictures. I drew simple bodies or heads on sheets of paper, and the kids had to complete the pictures.
Here is Nature Man's first one.
Stinker. ;-)

The best kind of art is FUN art! Enjoy it! Get into it. Interact, Smile, Create, Imagine!
Make it meaningful.

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Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Both my kids would LOVE this! I'm going to make the cards this weekend and try it!