Friday, January 22, 2010

Art Helps Heal the Hurt

I'll tell you straight out that I believe in Art Therapy. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it's often just as effective and powerful as Talk Therapy (and this coming from someone who has taken numerous therapy, family science, and therapeutic interviewing classes... bah, now don't flinch when I talk about alternatives.)

Everyone has their own way to deal with stressful events. I have several "baking friends," some "singers," a few "cleaners," several "exercisers"... all healthy and effective stress relievers. Mine, without a doubt, is art. And, really, almost any kind of art will do, whether it be painting a mural, sketching, sculpting, or coloring pages with the kids. Something about creating and releasing is soothing to the soul. God made us with creative talents & gifts, and I believe He intends for those to be used.
The kids are no strangers to paint. And, as you can see, I'm not a hyper-cleanie person.
Sure, give a 2-year old craft paints, glitter, paper and let him go at it. Why not?
The kiddos painted these fabulous clothes pins and blocks the other day.

Last week, when Mimi passed away, I took two days off of school. It's hard to function when you lose someone so dear to your heart. During that time, we spent time outside ...
(gotta love Dash's cute face, behind Little Lad)

...and many hours "doing art."
I painted a rug onto our playroom floor.

And then a mural for the kids. They designed it: roads, railroad tracks, lakes and a river, crosswalks, an ocean and island (with an X that marks the spot for buried treasure.) We made some box buildings to complete the city area.

Added some alligators to guard the Treasure Island.

Nature Man's firefighters saved the forest just in time.

Below, Little Lad (aka Batbaby) is just happy to be a part of the fun!
He had his own section to build on and then demolish.

I also added some art pages to their activity books. It's good to mix things up now-and-again.
I'm so happy to have Papaw here now, although it still knocked me off my rocker to see him walk in alone. He brought me Mimi's perfume, per my request, and also a mug that I had bought for her birthday and mailed. I drank my coffee using it, yesterday morning, and then put it up somewhere safe.

I love this sweet old man!!


Ms Debbie said...

Wendy, reading your post so soon after my dad passing away was hard. The coffee cup... I just envisioned you drinking from it and the tears the came as you remembered your MiMi drinking from it as well. Things have gotten easier for me. It is the " first" that are hard. The first time I walked mom to their door without dad. The first time we went to church .. the first.. the first. You are such a strong person ( if like me as much as I think.. maybe.. a but of a show on the outside and not quite SO tough... hehe ) I am so sure your MiMi is proud of the ways you have honored her since she has been gone.

Catherine Anne said...

Prayers to you. Beautiful photos of your family~

sara's art house said...

Oh my goodness! I just love all of their art projects!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.