Friday, January 22, 2010

Do you draw on yourself?

These winter days have been long. Today we have sunshine and enough warmth to play outside ... but for the past few weeks we've been trapped in the house, desperate for our central heat. A few beautiful spring-like days have kept us sane.
No way do I venture out in single digit cold. Overall, the kids have handled it very well.

To combat the claustrophobia and lack of sunshine, I took up running, and decided on just-for-fun afternoon kids' activities. One day last week we made Body Snatcher books. On another day, I drew on the kids. (yes, you read that correctly. I drew-- with ink pens-- on my kids, for the heck of it. So sue me.)

My mom always writes on herself-- phone numbers, grocery lists, you name it.
She's gotten better about that lately,
but I remember steadily changing lists
fading on her hand as I was growing up.That same day, Dash got into my laundry that was piled on the couch. Nice.
Easy entertainment.

You're hot, kid.

I've spent a lot of time lately just thinking about Mimi. I'm trying not to be down. I have no reason to be depressed. And, really, I'm so happy (and joyful) with LIFE right now, just so sad at certain moments. I will miss her.
Several friends have commented lately that we have an amazing family. We do.
Mimi was like a second mom to me. She was one of my best friends.
My mom and sisters are also best friends of mine. We see each other every week, at least, and have game nights all the time.
My Dad still takes us each out to lunch, individually, about once a month, just to talk and catch up.
I am so blessed.
I have so many wonderful memories and am eternally grateful for those. It puts things in perspective.
I want my children to have those same kinds of glowing memories, fun times.
I want them to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we Love them Unconditionally.

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