Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life is a party...or so it seems, most days!

December was full. Full of family, crafts, food, parties.

Here's a recap of some parties, since my last party posts:

Below, my mom hosted a mother-daughter tea party in honor of Mimi. Mom and Dad just got back from a visit with Mimi and Papaw, and Mimi sent back some of her very special jewelry for Mom to keep/distribute to the granddaughters.

Mom made these delicious sandwiches into different shapes using cookie cutters, and Amy made some awesome biscotti.

Thanks for the pictures, Julie!
Amy, me, Mom, Julie

Then there was Leah's bridal shower.
Leah, lovely as always.
One of the cookie decorating parties, below:

I wish they had clothes like this in my size.

Little Lad made claws. Weapons manufacturing is one of our most popular electives, you know.

Another "grown-up" cookie exchange. Wish I'd taken more pictures that night.

The Artist's ballet performance. I love her teacher, Miss Anna!

Next, a New Years Game Night with all of Fred's sisters and their families,
his brother and friends.
Cindy and Fred look so much alike.

Krew even got in on the costume fun!

Next, a New Year's Day Sleepover and Game Night with October and her bunch.
Love this lady and her kiddos!!
You know you're an extrovert when....


mysteryhistorymom said...

So much fun lives at your house! I hope I can visit someday.:) Lori

Catherine Anne said...

Great post!!!!

sara's art house said...

Wow- lots of fun!!!!

Papaw & Mimi said...

What a very special blog, Wendy! That was so special for your Mom to have a tea party as a way of giving those lovely pieces of jewelry that we remember Mimi wearing. Those sandwiches made me hungry at 1:00 AM while I'm still here at the computer. And you have such cute little kids and beautiful friends. Where did Isabelle get that pretty little outfit? Love, Papaw & Mimi (I'll print your blog so she can see it tomorrow. She's too weak to come to the computer, but she will LOVE seeing what y'all are doin'

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Fun, fun! You never get tired of all the action, do you? I've crawled into my hole and hidden this week--I had to recover!