Monday, August 30, 2010

9 years and still learning

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
-- Mark Twain

I grew up with two younger sisters. We were pretty good kids. Seriously. We loved to read, and could play My Little Ponies or Barbies with our friends for hours. We could sit through entire church services, and walk through art galleries for hours, just taking in the beauty.
Without touching anything.
Then I grew up. Got married. Had a beautiful baby girl.
And three little boys.
Ha! God has such a great sense of humor!

After nine years, I'm still discovering what "normal" means for a boy.

I've learned that
Boys MUST get their energy out.
If at all possible (even if you have to sell a car!) invest in a trampoline with a safety net.
I cannot stress how significant this is!! If you cannot get a trampoline, at least buy balls, skateboards, bikes, and anything else that helps them MOVE.
#2- Dirt is not dirty, but only something in the wrong place.
-- Lord Palmerston

Exactly. Don't worry about messes. In fact, give your boy a specific place to get messy!
Create a water hole, digging area, or mud pit. You won't be sorry.
Boys are easy enough to wash off: hose them down and carry them to the tub!
As soon as they can crawl, let them head for the puddles.
It's okay. Relax. Smile. Take pictures. Savor it.
When you look back, you'll care a lot more about those special memories
than about the pants that got stained.
Focus on the things that matter.

#3 If you must stay inside, you must still move.
Play fun music and jump, clap and stomp, dance.
Do an exercise video with them, play Wii fit, or play "boot camp."
Just move.

#4 What one boy doesn't think of, another one will.
Be prepared.
I keep band aids everywhere!-- in my camera bag, van and car, both bathrooms, all of my purses, nature bags, and even stuck in my bedside table.
I also keep "bug catchers" everywhere.
Pill bottles work great for impromptu bug-catching.

#5 Anything can become a weapon.
If you have a boy, I won't need to elaborate.
I'm still learning. These boys are great teachers. ;)
What have you learned from your boys?


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love boys. I grew up with 3 brothers, so they're a natural thing to me (but God gave us 2 of each, which is definitely fine with me!). I often say to my husband, "The boys need some hungh time." (you know, that sound they make when flexing muscles like a muscle man). "They need some testosterone worn right out of them!" So he'll wrestle, or kick them out to run around, or swim. You're so right, they need to move.

Okay, things I've learned - or just know from living w/ so many - about boys:

1. They need to feel productive. They need a job that is there responsibility, even if it's just the lunch dishes.
2. They need to feel important. Ask them to lock the doors at night & mention how much you appreciate their protection. Ask them to pick up bugs and carry groceries. They'll feel chivalrous.
3. They need to feel in control of something. Even if it's just a cat or a toad.

Love the topic!

sara's art house said...

You have inspired me to get a trampoline and start a mud pit! :)

Tara said...

Hi Wendy! Thanx for visiting my blog. Enjoyed visiting yours. Your kiddos are precious. I am a K-3 Reading Interventionist starting my 26th year of teaching, so I can tell you all about lil boys and all the energy they have! Trampolines, mud holes, and frogs are a good start! My boy is now 24, but he still loves all that stuff.