Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day

We started off our 2010-2011 School Year with a Nature notebooking hike at Eagle Watch. Heat indices were expected to (and did ) climb to 110-115 degrees . With those warnings in mind, we left early.

We were rewarded with geese flying overhead, and landing near us in the lake.
Huge beautiful butterflies congregating on these round fluffy flowers. I know, I need to look them up. Shame on me for not doing it before I blog.

A young rabbit darted in front of our trail, and then stopped to eye us warily:

They collected some nature items to bring home and study, and we brought our sketchbooks to use while we were there.
We left around 9am, but I was already ~dripping~ with sweat by then. Ick. The relatively short, but hot, hike totally wore Little Lad out.

Back at home, we had a big First Day Breakfast, read the Bible together, and got busy with school work.
The Artist and NatureMan are using TeachingTextbooks again for math. We love that program!
Dash and Little Lad are using MyFather's World for all subjects. I'm really enjoying it so far. Very hands-on. So far they are really enjoying the calendar work & hundred jar, and the songs.
I still supplement a lot, though.
Here is Little Lad, making his triangle page:

Fred worked with Dash on some of his math pages (not MFW work)
After "regular school" we did the just-as-important Art lessons.
We're studying about Picasso right now.
For day 1 of the study:
Introduce students to the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. Discuss with the students the many different styles and challenges Picasso faced throughout his life and how it effected his work. I.e. After the death of his best friend, Picasso then began his popular "blue period."
Refer to the Come Look With Me books for additional pictures and background information.

1. With a pencil, draw a geometric shape, filling three fourths of the page.
2. Draw a face down the center of the shape. Noting the brow line, nose, lips, and chin.
3. To add interest and ensure that the drawing resembles the style of a cubist, add details and different views of specific parts of the face. i.e. possibly draw a profile of the eye on one portion of the face, and a straight on view on the other.
4. Be sure to use creativity in adding hair, hats, glasses, or clothing to fill the remaining space.
5. To tie the portrait drawing together, go over the pencil lines with a dark, wide permanent marker using only smooth, solid continuous lines.
6. Complete the portrait drawing by shading in each area with colored pencils, markers, or paints and erase any pencil lines that might be showing.



Anonymous said...

I would love to see all 4 of your kids in the same photo - ha!

Notice the tails on the butterfly? It's a swallowtail! Those are the ones we're growing out front - the brighter yellow ones are males. The black swallowtail has blue "eyes" on its tail. We had both out front on the marigolds yesterday!

Soaring High said...

I loved the pictures of your day. SO beautiful!