Monday, August 2, 2010

The Name Song

To the tune of B-I-N-G-O:

There is a boy,
He is the best!
And Trevor is his name.
And Trevor is his name.

It works no matter how long or short the name is, you just have to sing the letters faster or slower. Dash (aka Trevor-- yes, I debated on posting this, but he is very proud of his poster...) is into writing his name on everything. He kept leaving the vowels out, though: "TRVR"

So we used this idea, and created a poster (overlook the imperfections!), so I could sing and point. After referring to the poster for a day, he is now writing his name correctly! YAY! (although still not holding the pencil with the correct grip, but that will come....)

Next, we practiced with foam paint stampers:

I'm so proud of this boy! He is an excited kindergartner.

Now I need to make a poster for my Little Lad. He already knows how to spell his big brother's name, thanks to the song. :-)

It's also time to break out the color songs!! Wow, third time around. It feels weird to be starting kindergarten with another child.
If you know of other learning songs, please inform me. It helps us a lot! :-D
We usually focus on one per week, as part of morning "circle time."


Up2Late said...

Hey girl! I'm about to know a whole lotta learning songs - my little girl starts K-garten this year, and it is the classical approach, which is a lot of memorization using songs and rhymes and such. I'll keep you updated (although you MAY have to remind me!) Love you and your blog. Keep it comin'!

Deborah said...

That is a terrific idea!