Thursday, August 5, 2010

Autographed Construction Masterpieces

Where do you do school?
We've tried having a separate room to work in.
We've tried individual student desks.
We've tried doing work outside (which actually works wonderfully for us, when it's not 110+ degrees out there.)
And we always end up back at our little 50s style diner table. Yes, six of us eat at this table. It's small and round.
I love it.
So my kitchen area has become the schoolroom, complete with scrap paper, educational posters and maps, glue puddles...
It's messy in there, during the day.
And the more projects we work on, the messier it gets. Picasso cubism, take 2We have so much "paper stuff" already, on Day 4 of school, that my artwork is being layered, because the kids"need" to hang things up to show Daddy.
Love that.
So be it.
We'll file those away in their binders when the newness wears off, and the next projects go up.
For now, I'm just so excited that they are so excited.
Someday my house might look like it came out of a magazine (probably not,) but for now, we're going to have construction paper masterpieces up on all of the walls!

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Anonymous said...

We do the same thing, school happens at the dinningroom table, the livingroom floor or out in the yard. Sometimes even in the car. :) That's what's so great about homeschooling you can do whatever fits your family the best.