Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hug them longer

5 days, folks. I never go five days without posting. But, you see, I'm not only busy with holidays and etsy stuff, birthdays and family gatherings... but I'm also trying desperately not to trivialize the little things. After reading that this fellow mommy blogger just lost her toddler, on my husband's birthday... I feel... so so very sad. So sad and heartbroken for her. So guilty, and really downright ashamed, that I have scolded my kids so often this week for being too loud and rowdy in the house. That I too quickly say, "just a minute" when they ask me to come or to look at what they've drawn. That I don't always stay the extra few minutes when I tuck them in, to hear about the latest plot in the library book.

So sad...and scared, too. So scared. Scared for my children's safety, and scared that I would falter under such tragedy.

I'm so sad for that sweet, sweet Mama and her family. please, please pray for her. Pray for daily strength, perfect comfort over their entire family. Lord that you would ease their hearts, that no one would see blame.

And, Lord, help me look at the eternal. Help me see each moment with my children as the blessing that it is. Please fade the urgent and pressing matters, social events, bills... and help me focus on the truly important things.

I also urge you to read her advice at the end... look around your home. Accidents happen.

We have two bookcases in our playroom that are both anchored, and a pantry cupboard that is set against the wall in such a way that it would fall against a bookcase (thereby not ON anyone or the floor) if it tipped. But the large, heavy, real wood dresser in my son's room was not anchored. So I moved it today. Now it can't fall. Now it's safe, because I read that post and the heartache of that mom's words, as she tries to protect other children.

I know it's a sad, horribly tragic thing to post so near Christmas. But, if you're like me, it will help you focus, pray, hug tighter and longer...think about those who are hurting at this time...

Must go now. Must kiss my sleeping beauties.


Soaring High said...

Oh Wendy, I am sobbing as I read this post. It brings back memories of Nathaniel's head trauma (which he obviously survived)and watching the ER staff revive him. My heart goes out to this mother and I will be praying for her in the days and months to come. I am going to go cuddle with my little ones again and do my morning dishes later.

Jennifer Noble said...

We recently saw Faith Like Potatoes. It's a true story and addresses crisis. It'd be a good one to see... Blessings on your holiday - your heart is in the right place.