Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where else can you...

ride virtual roller coasters

(love big sister's protective hand on her little brother)

go bowling...

ride a horse...
shoot guns...lots and lots of monster trucks...blow out candles...
and enjoy yummies at a birthday party?

Why, Chuck E. Cheese, of course!
I know, in the past, I've been a little skeptical of Chuck E. Cheese.
In fact, I remember once saying that I was sure they had one in hell.
But we did have a great time today!
The noise, craziness, and unsupervised sugar-hyped kids were tolerable in the short-ish amount of time that we were there. Plus, free food and tokens-- can't beat that. Not to mention, friends that we adore! Yeah, it was FUN. A new Chuck E. Cheese memory for me. Good stuff. Even if my littlest did have a major meltdown and start screaming when it was time to go. SCREAMING. ;/ Ugh. But his dear Daddy whisked him out to the van, without shoes or a coat, to silence the little bugger and put an end to the fit. Apparently, LittleLad apologized immediately, upon reaching the van.
Again, good stuff. Progress.
He was removed from a situation and, instead of throwing a worse fit, he apologized.
Yes, I will take that as a lesson well-learned, even if I did suffer some brief Mommy-embarrassment in a very public place, as a result.

In other news, we've been dressing the Daddy doll, while Fred is at work.
I love a man with a great sense of humor. ;)
Awww, holding hands.

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