Friday, December 3, 2010

Paintings and Buttons

Still sick. *cough cough*

The world is coming through a fog of cold medicine, Echinacea tea, cough drops, and Tylenol. Bleh ;/

That puts a damper on my normal activities, to be sure. School slllloooo-ooowed way down this week. We did our "normal stuff" but on low gear, without the bells and whistles. i miss the whistles.

Crafting has also taken an easy turn.

The other night, I cuddled my honey on the couch, watched a movie, and sewed buttons all over this Christmas tree pillow, for my LittleLad to use. The "ornaments" are just felt hearts, with slits in the middle, for buttoning. Easy and relaxing work, for someone who can't sit still.

It was a big hit.
Meaning, he left me alone for a full 30 minutes while he buttoned ornaments! Great fine motor practice, too. See, I did have a benefit in mind for him. He struggles with buttoning his shirts, and I figured some extra "fun practice" might help.

Then, this evening, Papaw surprised us with wooden unfinished nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby. We spent a good long time painting our new decorations...
Check out Dash's concentration! Man, if he would get that motivated about handwriting, we'd really be in business!

And LittleLad, before he ditched the paintbrush and decided to fingerpaint his nutcracker...and the table...
The Artist, working slowly and carefully, as she always does...
NatureMan's work in progress. Somehow I missed getting a picture of him working.
Don't you just love the tongue? When the kids were put to bed, and the house grew amazingly quiet this evening,
I decided to take advantage of the extra paint on the plate.
Never waste paint!

My picture, still untitled:

What do you think it "says"? Any guesses?

Close up
I'm a texture girl
Now I need me some tea and soup, a wool blanket, and some tv time. Must get well.


Anonymous said...

You must be ill if you are wanting tv time! ;-)

Praying as you recover.


Deborah Jean said...

Love it! When all else fails....make something! And aren't you clever with those ornament buttons for your son!
Get better!

Deborah Jean said...

ps. is that your artwork in the last two photos?
Wonderful! and love the nutcrackers too!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

I love your painting!! It reminds me of Le Petit Prince. What is it "saying?" I've been studying for my philosophy test, and I think I sprained the deep-thought part of my brain from over-use. (: