Saturday, December 11, 2010

Indoor Play and Artwork

Felt Board (aka Felt on the couch)

I said I was going to do artwork every evening, and I didn't lie... just slacked on posting on Day #2. ;) So I'll show you two things today, to make up for it.

But first... I'm coping with the cold days and high-energy boys by planning better. This article, at Heart of the Matter, spoke to me. I was trying to do too much at once, pulled in different directions and stressed out. The boys were indeed misbehaving, but at least part of it was the poor planning and lack of structure on my part. I had let our schedule get too lax. I had been sick. My own energy was weak, and I let a lot go.

Marble Run.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Now I'm back to planning plenty of "structured activities," with time for free play scattered in short intervals. By structured, I do NOT mean that they are sitting and doing crafts all day. My boys can only handle so much sitting. I simply mean that I give them something to do, so they don't use the time for demolition, as boys are prone to do.
Pull-Up Bars, bought several months ago at Wal-Mart, and worth every penny.
Now for my last two days' artwork.
Fairly quick permanent marker sketches on book pages.
A view overlooking the city

Girl in the wind

Have a great night! I'm off to the Candlelight service, in a few minutes.

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Shan said...

These might be some of my faves yet! I love this style going here. J likes to do Sharpie on things too (recently maps and old record albums) they look neato and I love the graphic look. We all get a little high from the smell.

I can't believe what a talented artist you have become!! Are you going to have a show of all your great pieces? Or better yet, a store?