Friday, April 29, 2011

Education Fair

I'm obviously so far behind, it's ridiculous. Between holidays, record-breaking storms, and an infected wisdom tooth and removal (phew) my time was stolen away, bit by bit. In a way, though, it was very nice for Easter. As much as I enjoy hands-on crafty projects and dying eggs, etc... it was not to be this year. I was tired, in pain, and in the middle of a flooding town. And so, our time was spent with family, reading, praying, and watching videos, including The Gospel According to Matthew (which is word-for-word Scripture, wonderful way to share the Word with children--love it) There was more emphasis on WhatIt'sAllAbout, and less on the "candy coating."
It's fine (in my opinion) to do both, but there should certainly be a spotlight--focus-- intensity on the Why of Easter. I feel like we had more of that this year, and it's something I want to retain, cling tightly to throughout my life, not just at one time.
Whoa, now where was I?
We participated in the Education Fair this year, and had a blast. My Oldest did her display on Hanoverian horses. Of course, it would be something on horses! ;)

I'm so grateful that many of the older kids in our group also participate. There were truly amazing displays to view!

If you aren't already a part of a group, consider joining one. The friendship and support is such a blessing!

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