Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garden Progress

Would you like to know why I'm falling behind on my blog? This is one of those loaded "how are you doing?" you reeeeaally want to know?

Okay, then. I'll tell you. (skip down to the pictures, if you didn't really want an answer. No hard feelings!) I am in kitchen-painting progress, spur of the moment mini-vacation goings and unpackings, garden work, homeschool plans (for the last 5 official weeks of our school year!!--woot, woot) the usual gymnastics and horseback riding taxiing... and my Harvesters Group...and NWA Mommies Playgroup, when I can make it. And Home Group with church, when I can make it (not the last three times :( boo) ... plus I started exercising again. Phew. So there you have it.

However, I did purposely expose my children to chicken pox last week, and that's a whole 'nother post, so life may slow down for us in a few days. From what I hear/read, it's about a 10-16 day incubation period, right?

Anyway, gardening. Yes, I've been at it, and I'll show you some progress pics. :)

First, Flowers. I have dianthus, blue bonnets, marigolds, tulips, irises, daffodils, begonias, mums, zinnias, peonies, etc, etc, you name it.

I love these purple irises!!! I only have two blooming right now, but more are pregnantly approaching blossom.

In the above picture, doesn't it look like a part of the petal is sewn?? Wow. God puts so much detail into everything.

And the peonies... {sigh} I adore these. I have five plants, and two are heavy with buds, dripping their juice.

My 3-year old peony is up to my 4-year's shoulders now. :)

Next on display: Berries

I have 4 raspberry plants so far. The 2 from last year are all over the place, covering the trellis, and tied to the fence. Flowers are popping up like ornaments on a heavily adorned tree. I expect a good first harvest!

My blueberries are still pretty small. This is my second year with the 2 of them (they stayed inside through the winter, and are now planted along the back fence.) Strawberries

None of mine made it through the winter, seeing as how they were in-ground. Thanks to my Man, my Papaw, and a friend, I now have 10 plants going strong, three of which are already producing berries. Three of them are June-bearing only, and the others are ever-bearing. Okay, and here is my raised cinder block bed (I have a wood one, also.) Thanks, Wade, for the awesome idea!

In the cinder block holes, I've planted some of the strawberries, the garlic, onions & marigolds. (FYI: Would-be animal thieves are deterred by garlic, onions, and marigolds)

On the inside, I've planted cilantro, sweet corn in the middle, and "salad mix" on one side, with spinach on the other. This bed will also house tomatoes and peppers, in a couple more weeks.

Oh, and yes, I did use plastic silverware as my plant markers. ;)

Below, I nailed an old wooden ladder to the fence, to use as my bean trellis. There are some small plants coming up, at the bottom, but you can't really make them out in this picture. More marigolds are planted around them.

I let the kids help me paint a sign to go over our garden. I wrote the letters in pencil, and let them help go over it in black paint. Simple and easy, and a good reminder.

Below, my potatoes are planted in a large tub. I followed Stacy's method (will post the link later, as soon as I can find it!! Or post it in the comments, Stacy!) They're getting so tall, and I keep piling more dirt on. Apparently (this is my first year for potatoes) the crop grows between the first planted potato seed part and the leaves... so you keep adding more and more soil as they grow, keeping 3/4 of the plant covered. The kids and I are learning new things every day! Last, for now, but not least. Here's a little glimpse of my shoe-rack planter, on the inside back of the fence, next to the cinder bed. I got the idea here, and couldn't wait to try it, seeing as how one of my shoe racks was falling apart anyway. Don't worry; I washed it out first...before I crammed it with soil. Mine is planted with several kinds of herbs, one kind of lettuce, some marigolds and dwarf zinnias, and morning glories along the top, so they can hang down the other side of the fence. I'll let you know how this works out!

Next time, I'll try to include pics of our bean tee pee, cucumbers, sunflower house starter, and the other raised bed. I'm always up for new and fun ideas, so please share any links/ ideas/ suggestions that you have!

Happy Gardening!!


Ms Debbie said...

Wendy , you are SO industrious! I have saved the link for that shoe bag garden too but I haven't done it yet. I love everything you've done.I remember making a garden with my dad. Great memories you are building for your kids!

Seelenschwester said...

LOVE this

Soaring High said...

LOVE THIS!!!! Can't wait to see the Harvest!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it !!! Our potatoes are growing like mad too. We've added soil and added more soil, finally Jeff said that's as much as you have so we're done. :) It seemed like I'd cover them and within 24 hours the plants were peeking through again.

Just what are those Woods up to? said...


Amy Ha said...

Wendy, your garden makes me so happy! I love that petal that looks like it's 'sewn' - truly incredible. I feel so clueless about gardening even though I want to do more of it - for instance, I want to plant some dahlia bulbs but I don't know if it's the right time of year. Maybe I should just do it!

Wendy said...

...OR you could look it up. Dahlias need very warm soil, and can't survive frost. I'd wait a few more weeks, and plant them ina large pot, that can be moved into the house or garage for winter. :D And thanks-- I didn't know that until I looked it up, and may try some, too.
Love ya, girlie,
See ya this weekend,
Ps Thanks :) I love my garden!