Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recovering. In Pictures.

My Mouth: On my birthday, just yesterday, the pain was too great to eat my favorite things: pies, poppyseed muffins, banana bread. So they are all waiting for me to recover.
I had the afflicted, infected wisdom tooth removed this morning. So forgive me if this post is weird, written by a drugged-up woman.

Our Town: this may go down as the 1000-year flood. There were water rescues, flooded homes, closed roads, and bridges washed away. We're fine, but others are not. Our town and the surrounding ones will take awhile to recover.

My "Baby": Still the only one with pox, he's getting a lot of cuddling. And screen time. All the rain, all the spots leads to many movies.Plus I was too distracted by pain to plan hands-on activities. Oh, well. Sometimes movie marathons are the only way to get through it.

My Garden: most things survived the storms. Lettuce, potatoes, beans are doing great, coming up everywhere. My peonies, thankfully, had not yet bloomed, and therefore were not destroyed by the hail and high winds & waters.

We're all in recovery mode. Waiting, watching, praying...thankful that we are recovering.

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