Monday, August 8, 2011

Illustrated Recipe (first of many)

Okay, y'all, I'm officially addicted to Pinterest now; it's so full of inspiration and ideas! I've heard of "pinterest challenges" along the lines of "stop pinning for awhile, and start DOING what you've been pinning." Let me assure you, I do not need the challenge. I may pin 5 things or more a night, but I'm working on just as many. My grocery list consisted of ingredients from my Pinterest food board. ;)
This illustrated recipe is one of many that I've been working on, inspired by pictures I found, originally from They Cook and Draw. Love that site, btw.

What do you think? Like my "carrot top girl"? Red hair, leafy hat/hair, root earrings, parsley shirt. She's all about the carrot recipe, lemme tell you.

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I've been working on illustrating my Mimi's recipes, too. :) More soon. I'll show the progress pictures along with the completed pages, as soon as they're done.

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Oh, and this pic was done with Prismacolor pencils and Millennium ZIG pens.
What have you been pinning?
Are you inspired yet?
-- and, more importantly, what are you DOING about it?? :D


Tracy said...

I've been making and eating what I've been pinning, so, um, that's something :) Love the illustrated recipes! I've seen those before, and your hand to them makes them extra amazing!

Bethany said...

This is incredibly beautiful! Love it! and what a wonderful thing to hand down one of these days... Wow!

Soaring High said...

i 2nd the heritage quality you are making this into.
what is pininterst? i've not been on-line a whole lot lately

Jenny said...

I've been hand copying our family T&T recipes in a book for years now. Only the very best get into this cook book.

Mine are just handwritten though - nothing as beautiful as what you're doing. :o)

Cindy said...

Oh my! I have absolutely loved it! It is so easy to keep up with and organize ideas I come upon all across the web! And it is so fun to see what others have found (meaning...more pinning!) One idea that just captured me this summer was different ideas using the (FREE) card stock paint sample cards from stores like Lowes or Home Depot...just tonight, I have used some of the (FREE) stash to make patterns for some cloth/mixed media projects I have dancing around my head...the patterns themselves are cute! I also have a board for ideas using maps - I have some ideas for using maps, too. I find pinterest really fuels the creativity...