Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's all in the details...

Sometimes I get on a medium kick and neglect my First Love: Ink. I love Sharpie Fine Points...but I really adore the super fine pens, like COPIC pens and the Micron set. These items stay on my Wish List all year. I'm an easy woman for Fred to please-- don't worry about flowers and clothes, just give me fine-tip pens!! ;)

The "Hi" part of the picture is actually very small (--maybe 2 inches tall) and was drawn with a Millennium .05 pen. Very much inspired by the amazing Katie Daisy.

I'll add watercolor if/when the mood hits.

1 comment:

Cerise said...

Just gorgeous!
Sharpie fine tips are the only thing I write with. Silly, but I'm in love.