Monday, August 15, 2011

Short Hair Art

My hair is getting long enough now for mini pigtails on the sides. Which is nice when it's blazing hot outside...but still gives me a definite "Not Me" Feel. I need some curls and/or spikiness at all times. Maybe a renegade braid, too.
I'm thinking it may be time for another cut. Or shorter bangy things. Or that purple streak that I mentioned, not too long ago.
Take note of the hair I drew not the way-too-skinny poor woman who obviously needs more cake and beer (because cake and beer are awesome together and, unfortunately, also rather plumping! Mental note: cut down on cake and beer.)

I like the hair. Long enough to curl, but short enough to be a little wild. Whatcha think?
As crazy as this sounds, I just realized that there is no Hair tag for this post. Craziness, considering how often I post about hair!

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