Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top Parenting Goals

A friend on facebook asked "What are the top ten parenting jobs?" A vague question. ;) But it got me thinking.
My 10 parenting goals:
#1 Love with God's love, overflowing so that it covers your children completely. This means *unconditionally*.
#2 Encourage kids to grow steady in their faith & their relationship with God. Their life has real meaning, definable purposes. God is reliable in His guidance and support in times of trouble and peace.
#3 Provide basic physical needs: clothing, food and shelter. I'm lumping them all b/c even though they're time-consuming, where we live, what we eat, and what we wear are really very minor.

#4 Teach and train~ education and preparation. Instill love of learning.
#5 Encourage their passions, and provide opportunities to further those passions.

#6 Protect absolutely, from physical dangers and disease (seek medical help when needed) as well as protection from explicit and/or inappropriate material/words/people, etc.
#7 Guide them in healthy relationships, and appreciation for people and the world.
#8 Foster independence and confidence; the goal is to be more capable every year.
#9 Have fun. Be creative. The relationship is important. Memories are important.
#10 Teach empathy, hospitality, generosity-- help others when you can. Grieve with those who grieve. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Pass joy along whenever you can.

There, I think those are mine.

What are yours?


Suzanne said...

I think I'm gonna have to think on this and join in!

Ms Debbie said...

What a challenge you set for mom ! The pictures that depict your ideas capture them perfectly.

Soaring High said...

I really like this.
I need to complete my list.
Can u do a linky?! : D