Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes on the street and in the book

This year I had a cowgirl, phantom, soldier, and little skeleton (who glowed in the dark, which was very handy!) Papaw went with us on our first round through town, and even caught me in some pictures.

Then Fred went with us on our second round to the churches and on a quick stroll through the neighborhood. We even saw dogs dressed up...

...and one of the cutest pumpkins I've ever seen!

I've been trying to do more art for the kids lately. Meaning, things they request that I draw, or pictures I know they'd enjoy. My Oldest and Middle Boys requested "monsters." I decided to do some monsters, some aliens, and some funny folks in costume. Just a little whimsy art for boys. ;)

They liked it.
I'm finding that taking requests from the kids is much better than journaling prompts! They are full of ideas, and are completely confident that I can pull off whatever they request.
They amaze me. Plus, they *always* sit down to draw by me. :D

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Soaring High said...

such cute photos of your kiddos! Looks like you all had fun!