Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Camping Trip

Another one of my 35 Things marked off! We took all the kids camping this weekend (#26).

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we had a site right by the water, and the kids found several little creatures.
For awhile the little ones just sat. Rested. Enjoyed nature. Spoke to each other every now and then. It was precious to see them just enjoying the beauty around them. I sketched the mushrooms that my Oldest Boy brought to me.

Peek-A-Boo, Honey! We also played a family game of freeze-tag. I'll admit that Fred is much faster than I am. Of course, I'm sure it's partially due to his abnormally long legs!!

The only real "incident" was a half hour of crying when bedtime rolled around. Little Lad wanted to sleep in his "real house." When he finally fell asleep, though, he slept fine all night.

We had a wonderful time. I love being outside. Love the beauty that surrounds us. Love taking a break from the world, technology, phone calls.

Love the simple.

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MacKensie said...

These are some beautiful photos! Camping is definitely on my list as well.