Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frozen Treasures

((**The photos were taken last week BEFORE the big weather chill.

It was 80+ degrees when we did this.**)) I'm not sure why, really, but ice is apparently very fun for kids. The texture and temperature? Something to break apart? At any rate, we froze some little "treasures" the other day for the kids to whack at.

My Little Lad is 4-years old now, so there are no worries of him sticking dice in his mouth. Of course, for ittier bittier kids, you'd want to give them a wooden spoon rather than a fork, and watch them closely as they retrieve their treasures.


Jenny said...

They never out grow this! One year Joel gave a friend $16 in cash for his 16th birthday - frozen in a block of ice. He labeled it Cold Hard Cash. The funny part was when he asked his friend's mom if he could put the gift in the freezer until it was time to open them.

You can tuck that idea away for when your kids are teens. :o)

sara's art house said...