Monday, October 3, 2011

Popsicle Matching Game& update

What's been keeping us busy/Reasons for less frequent blogging:
1. MyOldest is in middle school now (how did that happen) and it seriously only occurred to me a few months ago. So, we're now involved in both the elementary and middle school homeschool groups, which keeps me hopping a bit faster. I guess now is the time to be thankful that she's an introvert, and really prefers to stay home most of the time. I'm not sure how our family could handle another extrovert. ;)

2. I'm trying to be purposeful about spending enough time with my little ones, especially planning activities for them during school. They simply don't have the ability to work with us at the table or on experiments all day long. So, I've been utilizing pinterest for craft/learning/sensory activities, especially for the Littlest. This Popsicle matching game is one example. He loves it.

3. My little niece and nephew get here at about 6am every morning, so Fred wakes me up at 5:30 when he leaves for work. Naturally, this is forcing me to go to bed earlier, and accomplish more earlier in the evening. I.Can.Do.It.

4. My Oldest (6th) is doing SOS history this year, Teaching Textbooks for math, and her third year of typing all of which are computer programs. My Oldest Boy (4th grade) also does Teaching Textbooks and is starting typing this year. I also let the littler ones play on Poisson Rouge and Starfall during the day, for a bit. This leaves very little computer time during the day for moi, which is fine.

5. Planning field trips and activities this year just takes some time. It's not a requirement of my job, but a perk. I have been funneling some of my housework time into it, though, which means there are leftover chores at the end of the day. Need to find a balance there. It seems like I'm perpetually behind on laundry!

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Soaring High said...

That is really cute! I made a matching game for my pre-K Sunday School class with Popsicle sticks and animal stickers. I love the ideas I'm getting off pinterest. They liked "interacting" with the Noah story