Monday, October 10, 2011

Mutton Bustin'

Does everyone know what Mutton Bustin' is? No? I didn't either.
It's like a rodeo, but instead of guys riding bulls, little kids ride sheep. Yes, I'm serious.

We went to our first Mutton Bustin' event over the weekend, to watch some little friends of our compete.

These little girls stayed on like little champs! It was an interesting event to watch. Entertaining, yes. Many of the kids, like Sarah, walked away excited and happy. But there were many more that limped away crying. Ow! Several 4-years old were stepped on by the sheep after being bucked off. I can tell you one thing-- MY 4-year old won't be out there riding sheep anytime soon! My 6-year old daredevil is dying to try it, though, and I'm really considering the possibility for next year. We'll see.

We ended our fair experience admiring all the old shiny cars in the show.

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