Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheese Making

Guess what I did today! :)

Blurry pic (I don't have my camera fixed yet, so I'm borrowing a little one,) but a friend snapped a few while I was stirring my mozzarella.

It.was.delicious. Like really truly amazingly delicious. I added basil to mine.


So good.

We made homemade grilled cheese on rye, for lunch.

In other news, although I haven't taken much time to blog lately, I HAVE been doing art whenever I can, usually with the kids in the afternoon or late at night. The other day I made some little clay figures with Sculpey, oven-bake clay. These are about 3" tall. I haven't painted them yet, but I will soon, and then I'll hide them around the house, as little surprises for whoever spots them.

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Soaring High said...

It is yummy! Way to go!