Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing in the Kitchen

One of my dear friends was in town a couple weeks ago, and she lit a fire under me to get some house projects done!! I love friends who tell it like it is. :)
At her urging, I painted the "window wall" in the "breakfast room" (aka dining room, seeing as how I don't have a formal one here) a creamy tangerine color. Big change from the brownish purple color that wasn't working in there. I buckled down and finished it in a few hours, trim and all. It makes me HAPPY-- so bright, fresh, joyful.

Seems even the kids are gravitating to that room.

My precious niece wanted to play with her new Barbie pool in there...
...and my own little man decided that his GI Joes also needed a pool....
(great preK activity, btw. Kids love water!)

I want this house to be a place full of smiles. laughs.

chuckles and grins, memories and games, stories and traditions...

a place BRIGHT with happiness.

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Soaring High said...

Ok. Just saw this. That rooms screams "happy!" "cheerful!" "love!" It's great!