Monday, January 23, 2012

Doodly Thought Art

Do you ever feel so busy, that you decide to sit and do nothing? That's how I've been feeling lately. And it's NOT that I've been overly busy (well, not any more than usual,) but that my mind has been overworking lately. I figure that's typical when major life changes are taking place all around me. Just hoping it's all finalized and over with soon.
We did finish the fish unit last week, and I'll post more about that soon. We've started on a bird unit this week. The unit studies are helping us all crawl out of our rut, and get the excitement back. Post-Christmas months can feel like withdrawal from a mountain-top experience. Just need to get the bounce back in our step, and let the joy flow again.

I've made myself start drawing again, and can feel the juices flowing. Plus, when I draw, the kids want to draw with me. Great quality time, and encouragement of their talents.

Just had to get the pen moving, and I couldn't stop, page after's a feeling I love. A feeling, I imagine, that writers experience when the characters flesh out and start "moving on their own."

Just start.